Team Members

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Club Leaders

Peter Lam


Peter is a PE Teacher and Personal Trainer so he has seen and played this game at work but only starting taking it seriously in 2019 with the creation of MRC. He has fallen in love with this sport and is constantly promoting it to his students and clients when he is working. Peter sees a bright future in this club and wants more people to join this community to meet others that are just as addicted to this growing sport! Outside of Roundnet, Peter grew up playing soccer, but now spends a lot of his free time in the gym working out or hiking outdoors. He enjoys travelling, having taught overseas he is always up for an adventure which he hopes some of his future trips will include going to Roundnet tournaments internationally! 

Dianne Fonseca

Vice President

Dianne is our club’s representative in the Roundnet Ontario board. She has played competitive sports all her life growing up with basketball, volleyball and track & field. Currently, Dianne coaches Girls Volleyball and is a 3x National Flag Football Champ so she is constantly in a competitive sports environment hoping to add Roundnet Worlds to her resume! At our club events she always has the biggest smile on and trying to get people involved so you would never guess her competitive drive. Outside of Roundnet, Dianne is a Teacher and Trainer who enjoys spending time with her dog and hanging out with family. She is an advocate of female sports, encouraging the women of Roundnet to join our club to have more Coed and Women’s events!

Event Coordinators


Event coordinator

Bryan got into Roundnet in 2019 playing in the backyard with some fellow MRC founding members. He believes he got hooked because of how he can play Roundnet anywhere at any time with his friends, you’ll see him with a set on his back more times than not. Bryan got a lot of his friends hooked to this beautiful game which started out MRC, we call him the club’s top recruiter really! His hope for MRC is to be a club that can spark a new generation of Roundnet athletes in the GTA. Hoping that one day when the sport is in the Olympics we can have a Canadian Roundnet athlete from MRC on the podium! Outside of Roundnet, Bryan enjoys playing volleyball, longboarding around the neighbourhood, watching anime and baking.

Rosemay Diaz

Media Coordinator

Rosemay first started playing Roundnet in 2019, she has always been into volleyball so when she saw this sport she was very interested to try it out because of its similarities. But she has been hooked to Roundnet ever since! Rosemay is our club’s hype girl, she’s the ball of energy you’ll see at our tournaments and pick ups. She has seen MRC’s growth from the very beginning and she loves how this sport can bring so many people together. Rosemay has high hopes for this club and for the sport of Roundnet, she sees a future where we can talk about this sport without explaining the rules first. Outside of Roundnet, Rosemay enjoys volleyball and running but more importantly she is a huge fan of Anime!

Club Representatives

Rolando Jule

Web Developer

Rolando started playing Roundnet in 2019 with some fellow MRC members who invited him out to play. Instantly he loved the game and was eager learn more about the sport. Since then, he’s helped grow the community of Roundnet within Mississauga and has continued to improve his skills to compete in our very own tournaments. Rolando see’s a big future for MRC and has helped us create a website to get out club name out there and provide information to all who’s interests have been peaked. Outside of Roundnet, Rolando is a Software Engineer who enjoys trying out new recipes in the kitchen, playing video games, and likes to take on handcrafted projects.

Steven Lam

Athletic Therapist

Steven started playing Roundnet the summer of 2019, for him it started as a simple cottage and backyard game with his friends and family. Growing up playing competitive soccer since he was young up till University he itched to see if there was more behind this sport. Steven then found the Roundnet community where he felt challenged and got the competitive edge he was looking for, he is now hooked to playing and practicing to improve to this day! Steven sees big things happening with MRC; youth camps and workshops, consistent tournaments in various divisions and club swag! Outside of Roundnet, Steven is either lifting weights in the gym or enjoying outdoor adventures like hiking, camping, canoeing and mountain trekking.