What Is Roundnet?

Roundnet is a sport inspired by Volleyball. It has been around since 1989 and for a good number of years the sport had gradually lost popularity. By 2008, Spikeball Inc. created the spikeball set we know and love today and blew up the sport globally. Since then, Roundnet which is more commonly known as “spikeball”, has become a fun interactive sport. It consists of teams of two that can enjoy the game casually with a drink in their hand or as a competitive tournament style game that has all players diving to save the ball. The sport is simple, its a 2v2 game where you and your partner get up to 3 touches to return the ball onto the ’round net’ to score a point. The sport is played in sets, like Volleyball, and the winner is decided by the team that wins the most sets.

The best part about Roundnet is that It can be played on any terrain and any environment if the player is up for it. Checkout the Spikeball brand that makes the best equipment for the sport! For more information visit spikeball.com 


Become a part of the roundnet community in the gta


Join our league! Mississauga Roundnet Hosts Leagues all year round, so you can play every season of the year. Keep an eye out for our signup dates to join!


Sign up for our tournaments! Our tournaments are open to everyone of all skill levels. Win prizes and meet new players every time!  We have multiple tournaments yearly so stay tuned for our next one!


Interested in organizing a workshop? Our clubs consists of Premier Status representatives that can teach you! We are looking to work with schools to teach and grow the sport of Roundnet!

Upcoming Events

Winter Indoor League

Registrations closes November 19th, 2022

  • Weekly games on Saturday mornings at Mississauga Stadium Dome 
  • League is for ALL levels, you will be scheduled with a team of similar level each week
  • We welcome and encourage beginners, intermediate, women’s, youth and coed teams! 
  • Starts December 3rd, 2022 and runs till end of February
  • Contact us to Sign up

Spikeball Tour Series

Spirng 2023

  •  MRC will be hosting an official STS Challengers event in 2023
  • This is a 2-day event with various divisions on Saturday and COED on Sunday
  • Date is still TBD but be on the lookout for the largest event in Ontario!
  • Click here for more details: spikeball.com