Roundnet is a sport inspired by Volleyball. It has been around since 1989 and for a good number of years the sport had gradually lost popularity. By 2008, Spikeball Inc. created the spikeball set we know and love today and blew up the sport globally. Since then, Roundnet which is more commonly known as “spikeball”, has become a fun interactive sport. It consists of teams of two that can enjoy the game casually with a drink in their hand or as a competitive tournament style game that has all players diving to save the ball. The sport is simple, its a 2v2 game where you and your partner get up to 3 touches to return the ball onto the ’round net’ to score a point. The sport is played in sets, like Volleyball, and the winner is decided by the team that wins the most sets.

The best part about Roundnet is that It can be played on any terrain and any environment if the player is up for it. Checkout the Spikeball brand that makes the best equipment for the sport! For more information visit spikeball.com 

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EASTER Spring Tournament

Start off your Easter long weekend with a GOOD FRIDAY afternoon with the MRC community playing Roundnet from 10am-4pm in Mississauga.

  • First MRC tournament of 2022 to get our community ready for a spike-filled season, this will be a partnered tournament (we can pair you up too!)
  • Open to all skill levels with various divisions in advanced, intermediate and recreational (No Women’s or Coed but we will have bonus prizes for top finishing females!) 
  • Tons of giveaways and prizes from our sponsors including Spikeball Pro Kits and our new prize in MRC custom socks by Endur Apparel 

April 15th 2022

Spring Meetup League

This will be our 2nd year hosting “meet up” leagues, we started in Spring 2021 to play within the covid gathering restrictions and here we are 4 leagues later with the best community meeting up to play weekly! 

  • Weekly Wednesday evening league where your team plays one other team of close in skill level based on league standings so you’ll always get a tight match up regardless of experience level
  • Each team has a “home park” that you choose and teams will travel to you or you go to them to give you a spike of energy mid-week!
  • This is a 8-week season with 2 weeks of playoffs where we give out some awesome prizes to podium finishers in all divisions so you can show off to your friends and family

April 13th – June 15th 2022

Spikeball Tour Series 

We are honored to be chosen for this event by Spikeball, only 16 Challenger events in the world and we are 1 of 4 in Canada! So if you only have time for one tournament this year… this is the one to attend! 

  • Multiple divisions available including Premier, Contenders, Women’s Advanced, Women’s Intermediate, Open Advanced, Open Intermediate, Recreational, Youth AND COED SUNDAY (advanced and intermediate) 
  • If you are an experienced player here is your chance to test your skills against some of Ontario’s finest along with top teams travelling in from out of province 
  • If you are new to the game this is an event for you to meet others starting too, join the friendliest community there is in sport and see the game at its highest level to learn from the best 
  • TONS of sponsors and giveaways as well as an After Party to get to know the community 🙂 

July 30th & 31st 2022

More tournaments and updates to come for 2022! 

  • Stay tuned!

TBD 2022