About Us

About this club

Mississauga Roundnet Club started as a small group of people who got hooked during the summer of 2019. Meeting at our local park to play eventually led to searching for weekly pickup games through the Spikeball app (highly recommended to meet local players!). Soon we discovered a whole community of Roundnet enthusiasts.

How we Got Started

A couple of amateurs with a Spikeball set...

Our weekly pickup games inspired us to join Roundnet tournaments to put our skills to the test and to our surprise we stumbled upon a huge community of competitors from different cities; big and small, quick and powerful, each with a different technique up their sleeve. We left those tournaments inspired to bring life to the sport of Roundnet to the city of Mississauga.

With the help of our small team of Roundnet enthusiasts we created a club in affiliation with Roundnet Ontario and began hosting weekly pickups and our very own tournaments. The community has continued to grow ever since and we hope to continue to provide the physical and social environment to grow this sport!

What is mrc culture like?

This sport brings a culture unlike any other, the community and friendships created at pickups and tournaments are lasting. It is a self-refereed sport which sounds like a bad idea if you are coming from a competitive background. Yet, the level of sportsmanship in Roundnet is so high that there is rarely disagreement. It says right in the instructions when you buy a set, “just replay the point” and it is honestly just that simple with the culture that surrounds Roundnet. If you have attended any Roundnet event you know what we are talking about here, this sport brings people together to a fun atmosphere where you are smiling mid-dive during long rallies or applauding the opponent after they ace you on a serve. Name another sport where that happens… We’ll wait.

Be part of the culture

How can you join?

Want to join the community and culture of Roundnet? Come play! Find 3 other committed friends, learn the game, meet up with local players then attend tournaments with us! Mississauga Roundnet Club is open to everyone, there are no restrictions on age. We have hosted tournaments at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels as well as Coed, Men’s and Women’s divisions. Follow us on Instagram @mississaugaroundnet or keep checking in here for updates on upcoming events. Once you attend one tournament and meet our community consider yourself a loyal member of MRC!

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