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Roundnet Ontario

We are an affiliate club to RO, representing the Central Ontario region as we work together with other local clubs to continue to grow the roundnet community in Ontario. MRC works with RO to host Provincial circuit events leading to qualifications for Canadian National events!

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We are Spikeball Ambassador Organization (SAO) meaning we have met all the criterias as a club to gain the support of Spikeball to engage and support our community in growing the sport in Mississauga! Please use “MRC” for a 10% discount off all Spikeball purchases. 

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HUSH has sponsored MRC events with various podium prizes including iced cooling blankets, eye masks, pillows, slides and other sleep accessories. Be sure to check out “Canada’s best weighted blanket to reduce stress and fall asleep faster.”

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Snack Conscious

“The energy boosting snack to help you get more $#!T done” at Roundnet events! They have sponsored one of our Ontario Elite teams in “PB&J” with high protein, low sugar and adaptogen-powered snacks fueling them at tournaments with their favourite PB&J flavour!

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Flourish Pancakes

Imagine breakfast that is gluten-free, high protein, keto / low carb, nutritious and “flippin’ delicious”! Flourish has prepared the roundnet community here in Ontario ‘spiking’ their day with a healthy start with a variety of flavours and vegan options! 

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Tru Local

“Shop for clean, locally sourced meat products online and make fewer trips to the grocery store” with our convenient sponsor. Check out their website for a fully customizable box of protein sources to eat better, save time, shop local and they deliver right to your door for free! 

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